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Step By Step Guide To Be A New Real Estate Salesperson

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What to expect in
Real Estate Career

A career in real estate provides you with flexibility and the freedom to set your own pace of work. Your income will be a direct reflection of your efforts. There are no limits on what astute, hard-working men and women can earn here. Successful property agents are goal-oriented, persevering, self-motivated, ambitious and people-oriented.

The rewards are the potential for high earnings, status in the community, autonomy, freedom of time, intellectual challenge, helping people on their relocation needs and the ultimate satisfaction of accomplishments. We welcome you to join us if you desire to achieve more!

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It's important to hear from the Division Directors & Leaders the thrills, rewards and adventure you will be embarking. Get yourself some valuable tips for your RES (Real Estate Salesperson) exams and get your free RES revision classes. Get in touch with us by submitting the form here.

Registration Criteria for New Salespersons for the RES (Real Estate Salesperson) Course

Basic Real Estate Salesperson Requirements:

  1. Must be at least 21 years old; Singapore Citizen or PR. (If you are a Singapore PR for less than 10 years, you will be required to submit either a "Certificate of No Criminal Conviction" or a proof of stay in Singapore for 10 years or more)

  2. Possess at least one of the following:
    - Minimum qualification of 4 GCE 'O' levels passes in two (2) sittings or
    - Higher NITEC or
    - Diplomas from the local government polytechnics or
    - Degrees from the local government universities (NUS, NTU, SMU) or
    - WPLN level 5 and above (Applicants who have attained Level 5 and above for the Workplace Literacy and Numeracy WPLN assessment in these 5 components Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing and Numeracy will be recognized in lieu of 4 GCE "O" level passes. For more details: WPLN PDF Download Form)

  3. Possess a pass in the Real Estate Salesperson (RES) exam or equivalent

  4. Be registered with only 1 licensed estate agent

  5. Must not be an existing licensee/Key Executive Officer of another licensed estate agent

  6. Must not hold a moneylender's licence and not be an employee, director, or partner of a licensed moneylender

  7. Undertake mandatory continuing professional development of at least 6 hours a year

  8. Must be covered by a Professional Indemnity Insurance valid for at least one year from the commencement date of the registration.

  9. Must not be in arrears with the Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board for Medisave contribution. Please click here to check if you have Medisave liabilities.

  10. Fulfill the fit and proper criteria, such as:

  • Must not be an un-discharged bankrupt or have entered into a composition or scheme of arrangement with their creditors

  • Must not have any convictions in a court of law in any country.*

  • Must not have any judgment that involved a finding of fraud, dishonesty or breach of fiduciary duties entered against them in civil proceedings

  • Must not have been detained under the Misuse of Drugs Act or served with a detention/police supervision order under the Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act

  • Has not been convicted of any offence under the Estate Agents Act

*Note: Applicants must not withhold declaration to CEA of any convictions in a court of law in any country.

(Applicants having other qualifications eg. overseas qualifications or private diplomas (eg SIM, SHATEC, MDIS, NAFA, Laselle College, Kaplan etc, will need to have their qualifications assessed by CEA for purpose of determining whether the educational qualification requirement is met. You must provide the certificates, full transcripts and official translation (if qualification is not in English) together with the CEA Request Form for submission to CEA. Please allow at least 15 working days for CEA’s reply. An administration charge of $53.50 (inclusive of GST) imposed by CEA for all assessment of qualifications. Private or foreign qualifications are subjected to CEA approval prior to course registration.


Real Estate Salesperson (RES) Course Schedule

(Kindly check with us for the latest RES course dates) 

Real Estate Salesperson (RES) Course Enrollment Fees

$780 + 7% GST = $834.60** (Excluding RES Examination Fee)

(6mth / 12mth installment for VISA and Mastercard users from DBS and POSB bank)


 **You can make a claim of $500 credit by 'Skillsfuture' if you are a Singapore Citizen and above 25 years old after your book for your RES course at the registration counter.



Registration Of RES Exams

Registration of RES exam can only be done with the  'Certificate of RES Course Completion' issued by your course provider.

Certificate of Completion will be issued only if the course participant has achieved at least 75% FULL ATTENDANCE of the course.


RES Exam Format
Starting from May 2014, the RES Exam Format will include a new Case Study Section in both Paper 1 and 2 in the form of multiple choice questions.


Examination format as follows:

2 papers each (2 ½ hours per paper)

Both Paper 1 & 2 comprising of the following:
Section A : 50 MCQs (1 mark each)
Section B : 15 MCQs with reference to 1 or 2 and Case Studies (2 marks each)
Section C : 10 Fill-in-the-blank and Short Answer Questions (2 marks each)

Candidates who fail any Papers will need to retake the RES exam as a fresh candidate; i.e. need to take Paper 1 and 2 in single sitting in their next attempt. Modular passing will apply only if the candidate has passed one Paper.

Important Note: There is no change to the examination requirement for RES course participants to pass the RES examination within 2 years from the date of issuance of the Certificate of Completion of RES Course. If they are unable to pass the remaining Paper within the 2-year time frame, they will have to re-take the RES course and take the full RES examination, both Papers 1 and 2.

Duration of Examination
Paper 1: 2.5 hrs
Paper 2: 2.5 hrs
Successful candidates must apply for registration with CEA within 24 months of the date of issuance of the examination certificate after which, results will be invalid for licensing and registration purposes.

Total Exam Fees
S$417.30 (Incl. GST) for both Papers (Paper 1 + Paper 2)

Examination Results and Certificate

Exam Administrator will notify candidates the results. With effect from the July 2011 RES examination, modular passing will be allowed. Candidates will be allowed to retake only their failed Paper on the next available examination date.


The results for July 2011 RES examination onwards will be in one of the following formats:
Pass (P)
Fail (F)

Pass Paper 1; Fail Paper 2 (P1 F2)
Fail Paper 1; Pass Paper 2 (F1 P2)

Pass Paper 1; Pass Paper 2 (P1 P2)


You are required to PASS BOTH PAPERS 1 & 2 to be a licensed Real Estate Salesperson.

The RES examination results are released approx 4 weeks after the examination is held. The process may be extended due to other relating factors such as the number of candidates taking the examination. A certificate will be issued to successful candidate. No replacement certificates will be re-printed for lost certificates, only a letter of confirmation of qualification attained will be issued upon formal request made.



Congratulations, YOU'VE PASSED!!

Be quick to set up an appointment with our appointed studio as we will require a professional photo taken in our our corporate attire. (It's free of charge for all our associates.)

Appointed Photography Studio: Picture ME


  • Suntec City Mall #03-1036, Suntec Tower 4 (near Burger King) Tel: 63369453



Registration Online / Visit Our Office


Get your RES joining fee FULLY COVERED package when you sign up with us!

(Worth total $1,967) 

1) 2022 & 2023 CEA Registration Fee (License Fee)

2022 & 2023 CEA License Fee = $410 (Now $0)

2) 2022 & 2023 Estate Agency Work Kit 
2022 & 2023 Indemnity Insurance, Namecards, Lanyard, ID Tags = $360 (Now $0)

YES! It is FREE to join us! 100% subsidized!

Checklist for registration:
1) NRIC (Both Original & Photocopied)
2) Highest Academic Qualification Certificate (Original & Photocopied)

3) RES Passing Certificate or Email proof of passing exams

4) One soft copy of your corporate photo



Welcome to Sophia Ng Division!
Kick start your career!

Welcome Onboard! Our HR department will keep you updated on the CEA approval status, and the process may take up to 4 to 6 weeksl. You can only start practising as a professional real estate salesperson upon the approval.


Meanwhile, do contact your leader during this period to get things started!

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