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Step By Step Guide For Experienced Real Estate Salespersons

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Ready for your breakthroughs?
We've got you fully covered.

2022 & 2023 CEA Fees (2 x $410 FREE)

2022 & 2023 Work Kit & Indemnity Insurance (2 x $180 FREE)

Penalty reimbursement to your current agency up to $3000


You Effectively Pay $0! Additional incentives for a team of agents joining together - Let's discuss!

​Sophia Ng

9225 4321

Youngest Group Division Director

Multiple Awards Achiever 2016 to 2022

Sophia Ng Division

Let's Have A Private Non-Obligated Discussion

There can't be any better way except we discuss over a cup of coffee or even on zoom if you prefer. It's completely non-obligatory and it will be 100% private and confidential.

Let's discuss how we can help you to achieve what you've always wanted in your real estate career!

Registration Online

After the discussion, if everything is right for you, we'll send you a link to register with us online, and we'll guide you through the process.

New Corporate Photo For Registration (Optional)

You may choose to take new corporate photograph after applying with us. It's complimentary to take a photo in our corporate attire at the appointed studio. Please make an appointment in advance.

Appointed Studio: Picture ME

  • Suntec City Mall #03-1036, Suntec Tower 4 (near Burger King) Tel: 63369453

Confirmation By CEA & Resignation From Current Real Estate Agency

Upon CEA approval, up to 6 weeks from application date, you are now ready to start your exciting new career path with us!

Congratulations and welcome to
SND family!

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